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De Geyter


Dear visitors, 

I have great news!

My first solo-cd with Il Gardellino will be released in September 2020. It contains cantatas for soprano solo by Bach, Telemann and Buxtehude.  To make this recording and the cd release possible without subvention money, I have initiated this crowdfunding.

May I invite you to click on the link, watch the little video or read a bit more about this project? Hopefully it inspires you to support us! Eternal gratitude (and other rewards) will come back to you!


Link KKBB - crowdfunding CD Griet & Gardellino:

Due to the Corona Covid19-pandemic, no concerts are happening at the moment. 

In the meantime: enjoy some of my youtube video's;

I wish you good health and a healthy mind!

Take care, Griet