As you can see in my concert agenda, I'm trained in many different styles and music periods. My singing teachers during my studies were Dina Grossberger, Lieve Van Haverbeke, Barbara Pearson and Jard van Nes. The last 9 years I have been coached by the renowned Margreet Honig.

My expierence in teaching singing goes a long way: in 1999 I started conducting a children's choir; in 2004 I got my first job  as a singing teacher in a music school (amateur students) and since 2015 I regularly coach professional singers, working on their singing technique, exploiting different styles, searching with them for their vocal identity and helping building new progams according to their unique voice. 

If you are curious and interested in a first lesson, don't hesitate to call or email me. After a first lesson you'll have a better idea if we have a click and if my method works for you or not. 


Possible teaching locations: Dendermonde, Herzele.

Email: grietdegeyter@gmail.com

Telephone: +32 495 438373


Maybe you're singing in a choir or vocal ensemble; or maybe you just love singing at home and are curious if your singing could be improved; or you finished your last year at the local music school and don't want to stop singing:


If you're looking for singing lessons, in whatever style, do call or email me for more information. In a first telephone call we will talk about your singing history and expectations and plan a first lesson. 

Possible teaching locations: Dendermonde, Herzele.